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There's a plage on Stameris, probably because of the bustling slave trade there.

The USS Enterprise, under command of Captain Nyota Uhura, has been dispatched to cure the disease, and see about closing that market if they can. (They can, command just KNOWS it.)

So Captain Uhura has decided to send her best scientists - her XO Dr Chapel and her nurse, McCoy, as well as Chief Engineer Gaila, for whom this whole "slave" business hits a little close to home.

Unbeknownst to them, the disease isn't airborne - it hibernates in fabric. (This makes sense in space.) And it has some... interesting effects on the crew.

Which is kinda the plot of The Naked Time, except no one is quite reacting the way they did there. Rather than becoming uninhibited, they've become polar opposites of themselves.

I would like to propose the following additional ranks:
Yeoman Kirk
Nurse McCoy
Ens. (jg) Pike
Ens. Sulu
Ens. Scott
Lt. Spock
Lt. Chekov
Lt. Cmdr. Gaila
Cmdr. Chapel
Cmdr. Rand
Cpt. Uhura
Admiral Number One

Hm. There seems to be a pattern there...

So, join me as we try to find a cure, people try to recover their selves, and someone figures out a reason why men are never promoted beyond Lt., but women and non-binarys are.
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Title: Communiqué
Fandom: Star Trek: AOS
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy, Sulu/Chekov, Scotty/(well, that's a secret, but not a man)
Rating: A very HAWT PG
Warnings: Intense Graphical Story, Humor
Story Summary: The adventures of Jim Kirk and Leonard McCoy, as revealed in letters, texts, and even the occasional news story.
Chapter Summary: Ella Mae McCoy and Jim Kirk have been writing for the last few months. Now she has plans for him he's not sure he signed up for. (As a bonus, we see the result of Jim's photoshopping in chapter one!)
Disclaimer: Star Trek and all people, places and things in Star Trek are not ours. The graphics, however, ARE ours, as they are created from scratch, feel free to use as you please just give a shout out.
NOTE: These will update every Monday, and we're ahead so we can stay on schedule. :)

Click here for the story
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Hopefully I'm doing this right. The rules state you can post an epistle fic that is not part of a challenge or round robin, yes? Sorry if that's not the case I tried to read carefully

Title: Dear Mom
Fandom: Star Trek: AOS
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy, Sulu/Chekov, Scotty/(well, that's a secret, but not a man)
Rating: A very HAWT PG
Warnings: Intense Graphical Story, Humor, sex
Story Summary: The crazy adventures of the USS Enterprise. Sex pollen, crazed aliens trying to kill them, sentient plants and a captain trying to shag the CMO in the medical office... Life aboard Enterprise is never boring.
Chapter Summary: The year is 2255, after a brief "I'm safe" message to his mother, Bones forgets to write. Mrs. McCoy, being an awesome southern woman, takes matters into her own hands and seeks the help of Bones's best friend Jim Kirk...
Disclaimer: Star Trek and all people, places and things in Star Trek are not ours. The graphics, however, ARE ours, as they are created from scratch, feel free to use as you please just give a shout out. Ella Mae McCoy is an original character of [livejournal.com profile] dragonsquill

Click here for the story
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I hope you guys all had super restful holiday seasons. Because I'm here to make things interesting.

The story goes as this: Last night the ship was on its way to the Neutral Zone while the crew rang in the new year; Hells yeah, it's 2260!

Except when they woke up this morning they're lightyears away from that spot, the chronometers say it's 1/1/2261, and no one remembers a damn thing from the last year.

But there are changes. Oh, how there are changes.

WHY is Jim Kirk wearing a wedding ring and WHO has its mate?
WHY is there a baby in Pavel Chekov's quarters?
and uh
WHERE is half the security division?

Luckily they're headed towards Earth. Except command is insisting that Enterprise has spent the last 11 months on a deep undercover mission and they have no communications from the ship for that time. There are no personal logs or comm records. And no way in hell anyone is getting off that ship until they figure out what happened...
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Okay, so I only vote in plot polls to see the results without clicking 8000 times and in the end you guys split the vote, 2-2 between options 1 and 3.

So I invited a friend over for "Indian Food" and when he got here I made him read all three of the plot summaries and tell me which was his favorite, and he landed on the side of... Plot #1: Prison AU!

THEREFOR. Without further me going BLAH BLAH BLAH:

The gang are all prisoners at Enterprise Federal Penn, under the watchful eye of warden Pike and his head guard, a stone-cold killer called Giotto.

Deprived of PADDs, they must communicate with graffiti, notes, and the occasional game of telephone. Purple Monkey Dishwasher. They are plotting an escape, but a wrench has been thrown into their plans in the form of a handsome prison doctor, name of McCoy, and a new prisoner who is asking way too many questions.

WHAT are they in jail for?
WHY do the guards seem to know their moves ahead of time?
WHO is getting stabbed with a toothbrush?
WHERE are my keys?
WHEN is this escape going to go off?
and HOW?

Because it's confusing:
Cell ds7: Chekov, prisoner #0246
Cell ds9: unknown male (Kirk?)
Cell ds8: Sulu, Prisoner #1690
Kirk: prisoner #1701
Gary: Prisoner #1337

Cell CZ42: McKenna
Cell CZ65: Chapel

So ds# for boy cells, cz# for girls for consistency?
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To begin:
We've been getting about one spam entry a week. I've been deleting and flagging them, but it's annoying. So I've turned on post moderation for all new posts. I'll put through anything that's legit ASAP, but I'm tired of spam. So that's that.

Oh, also I updated the Rules!! like a month ago to include the following:
"7.(Added 9/24/10) Please do not discuss the acquiring of pirated media in the comm. Doing so will result in a warning for a first offense, and a one-week ban for continued infraction."
Because a vague disclaimer is no one's friend.

To continue:

I have a few ideas. I will tell them to you and then you can vote or tell me what you think. (I don't care what you think.) (Yes I do, I seek your love and approval.) (Love me. Now.)


Plot #1: Prison AU (Inspired by Sav's Mental Hospital)
The gang are all prisoners at Enterprise Federal Penn, under the watchful eye of warden Pike and his head guard, a stone-cold killer called Giotto. Deprived of PADDs, they must communicate with graffiti, notes, and the occasional game of telephone. Purple Monkey Dishwasher. They are plotting an escape, but a wrench has been thrown into their plans in the form of a handsome prison doctor, name of McCoy, and a new prisoner, former guard David Galloway, who is keeping an awful close eye on them for someone who doesn't work for Pike anymore...

Plot #2: Klingon Mindfuck
Things went really bad about 3/4 of the way through the movie, you guys. The trans-warp beaming equation was off, and Kirk and Scotty never made it back on the ship. Enterprise doesn't make it to Earth in time to save them, and the Fleet scatters to all corners of the galaxy. Enterprise is sent to the Klingons to beg for help. But when they get there, the Chancellor of the High Council appears to be a suspiciously familiar0looking human named Tiberius. How do they convince him and those he rules to help them destroy the Narada, and set things back to right?

Plot #3: Corporate Shenanigans
George Kirk founded the Enterprise Corporation with his wife, Winona, and all was going well. But the day his second son, James, was born, George mysteriously died. Maybe he was hit by a cab. Maybe it was poison in his ear. I don't know. Ever since, his best friend Chris Pike has been raising James to take his father's place. But today is not a normal day in the Federation Building. Today a ground of Romulan separatists have broken in and their leader, Nero, is hot for James' blood. How do his friends (guess who??) and he save the day? Find out! On STD!

OKAY, those are my ides. Now vote and leave me alone:
[Poll #1632799]
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Since no one else has done it...
Last time, on SFAAU:

1. Captain Pike's evil clone
2. The cat, Quin, and Suzy
3. Tony Giotto, fanboy
4. Nurse Ogawa, terror of the GP
5. Several relationship revelations
6. A missing spider
7. A very awkward proposal

Now, it's evening, the day Pike was rescued.  What are they going to do with the clone?
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Fandom: Startrek_diary's HSAU
Subject: Kirk/McCoy, during the breakup
Title: wasn't ready for a revolution
Warnings: Men with acoustic guitars.

Notes: I have been listening to Matt Hires obsessionally and it got me thinking. This is my first ever fanmix, so please feel free to offer concrit.

Tracklisting and Download under the cut )
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When we were last here, our kids were dealing with a few things:

-the aftermath of the earthquake and the capture of Sterling McGivers
-the ship in orbit around the Earth
-Matt's overseas amnesia
-probably something I'm forgetting
-a kittycat.

As we open, it's the day after we left. Pike is going up to that ship and Matt and frank and dealing and there is a kittycat apparently.

So get to it: Who's doing what at to whom?
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Help Pakistan

I'm offering fic to fundraise for flood relief.  Cross-posted like woah.

User Name: [livejournal.com profile] hsavinien 
Email address: kyria_thalia(at)hotmail(dot)com

You can see things I've created at: http://hsavinien.livejournal.com/31900.html

I am offering: a 1000 word fic or up to five drabbles (Drabble=100 words exactly)

Fandoms (if appropriate): Harry Potter (Remus/Sirius, ask about femmeslash), Good Omens (Aziraphale/Crowley, Brian/Wensley, variations on the above with Adam, gen), Discworld (the Watch gen, Angua/Carrot), Arthurian legends (pick a knight, any knight), Firefly (Mal, Jayne, Wash, Zoe, or Kaylee-centric, canon relationships preferred), TinMan (Wyatt Cain/Glitch or gen), Due South (Fraser-centric, Fraser/Kowalski), Torchwood (Ianto-centric, Ianto/Jack), Star Trek XI (Kirk/McCoy, Chekov, Chekov/Sulu), DC comics (Booster Gold/Blue Beetle, ask about other characters), original fic requests also acceptable.

Additional Info (optional): No rape/noncon, h/c if mild, no watersports/bestiality/incest/medical. I can write up to NC-17, but am most comfortable doing so for M/M or F/F. M/M, M/F, F/F all okay, pairings listed are those I find easiest, feel free to ask about others.

Starting Bid: $5
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Title: Of Princesses, Squids, and Horses Named Ruxpin
Fandom: Star Trek STXI ST_D High School AU SFGP9
Characters/Pairings: Leslie/Lemli; Dave, Frank, Matt, Lieutenant Ruxpin (implied Frank/Matt)
Notes: I wrote this a while back during one of the games; the RL's were discussing being knights and this happened. I've finally got round to cleaning it up and posting it to the comm.
Summary: Once upon a time there was a magical kingdom called SFGP9, ruled by the heroic and dinky King Dave.


One day Princess Roger was kidnapped by an evil squid. )
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We are in an old, abandoned Outback Steakhouse outside of Mesltone, Wyoming.

Doors and windows are boarded up. There is a thick layer of dust on every surface.

Because, in reality, this is not an old, abandoned Outback Steakhouse outside of Mesltone, Wyoming.

This is a place between. It is nowhere and yet everywhere. It doesn't even exist that much. But recently doors have been leading here. Doors on ships. Ships, of course, called Enterprise

The bartender, who is there and not there, is polishing glasses. The kitchen is stocked, but cold.

But, why? Why are the doors leading to an old, abandoned Outback Steakhouse outside of Mesltone, Wyoming? Why are people being brought here for only an hour, and then disappearing suddenly?

And are there any cheese fries?
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Fandom: Startrek_diary's HSAU
Title: Shiny New Starshine
Warnings: Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Camp Rock, JoBros, and MORE. (Say it isn't so!) I'm not even kidding you. Cover your ears and run for your lives.
Notes: This is a belated mix dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] startrek_diary's anniversary! [livejournal.com profile] startrek_diary is one year old now! I've met some remarkable people and had a jolly good time because of it. Here's a mix, spanning the entirety of the HSAU, from the very first EPIC BATTLE between Team Awesome and The Fighting Mongooses of Rigel Seven all the way up to their first semester at the Academy.



track list, alternate cover art, and download link under cut! )
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It is our heroes' first Spring break.

Where are they?


-Caz and Tony are at his cabin.
-Jim and Bones are in the basement of the Academy Clinic where the door has become stuck.
-Kiki and Pav are with Kiki's family.
-Chrissie and Spock are at home.
-Pike and One are mid coitus. (when are they not?)
-Dave and Mia are in NJ
-Frankie and Matt are in Prague
-RLs are on duty- one at the station and one on patrol.
-Nyota and Jan are bowling.

And, as it turns out, a young man named Sterling McGivers is not happy. His sister, a young woman named Marla, was kidnapped a year and a half ago by the Bratva, under command of Andrei Chekov.

Sterling wants revenge.

He's fallen into bed with the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia, and has already tried one aborted plan to get at the gang. He's tried hacking into GP records a few times, but failed. He tried to target Pavel's sister, Christine, with a rogue robot, but it didn't go off.

He's got a better plan.

At 1400 on a Saturday, comm satellites will go down around the planet. At that exact moment, an earthquake will rock San Francisco. People will be trapped where they are, unable to communicate outside their immediate area. No one can talk to anyone not within about 20 feet of them.

As we open, it's 1359.

And the world is about to move.
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Apparently this is an exciting game. So. Keep playing!

-Everyone went to EA.
-Suzy died.
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Open to lurkers or regular players.

Describe your Mirror!verse counterpart.

Physical description not required and you don't have to set them in a particular universe, but choose a part of your personality and take it to the unhealthy extreme of your archetype, then tell us about him or her.  Why should we fear Mirror!you?
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Tra la-la-la-la la-la-la-la
Happy birthday S-T-Deeeeee
Tra la-la-la-la la-la-la-la
Happy birthday S-T-DEEEEEEE!

So, ladies and gentlemen. AND WE DON'T GOT NO BOOOOOOOYSS HERE!

You are cordially invited to attend the event of the decade. EA'S HELL CLASS: THE 20 YEAR REUNION.

Our kids are between 37 and 39, off exploring the galaxy and being Big Damn Heroes. Some have had kids. Some are not where they thought they'd be.

We'll pick up a few hours before the even begins, so we can get some butterflies and nerves.

Lets do this sucker.
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Four and one half months after the last comm in this post, Pike and Kirk are getting ready to beam down to a planet out in the middle of nowhere, where there is rumored to be a "treasure map." Hiding in the corona of the sun (or something more scientifically sound) Giotto's ship (Called either Jack or The Beanstalk, y/n?) is lurking.

Meanwhile, life goes on. Who's together, who fell apart, and who's longing for something new?
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In the world you are entering, there is a Federation. There is an Enterprise. There is even a Captain Kirk.

But in this world, they are not as you know them.

George Lowther, 27, is the captain of the pirate ship known throughout the galaxy as the Enterprise. Of course, he's not the real George Lowther, and neither was the man before him, a fellow called Chris Pike. They're in the process of trading the identity, so Pike can retire, having made his fortune. The new Lowther, real name James T. Kirk, has hired on a crew, and they're off on their first voyage, affiliated with the Federation of Interstellar Pirates.

So. How's the crew doing? And, of course, who's fucking?


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