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To begin:
We've been getting about one spam entry a week. I've been deleting and flagging them, but it's annoying. So I've turned on post moderation for all new posts. I'll put through anything that's legit ASAP, but I'm tired of spam. So that's that.

Oh, also I updated the Rules!! like a month ago to include the following:
"7.(Added 9/24/10) Please do not discuss the acquiring of pirated media in the comm. Doing so will result in a warning for a first offense, and a one-week ban for continued infraction."
Because a vague disclaimer is no one's friend.

To continue:

I have a few ideas. I will tell them to you and then you can vote or tell me what you think. (I don't care what you think.) (Yes I do, I seek your love and approval.) (Love me. Now.)


Plot #1: Prison AU (Inspired by Sav's Mental Hospital)
The gang are all prisoners at Enterprise Federal Penn, under the watchful eye of warden Pike and his head guard, a stone-cold killer called Giotto. Deprived of PADDs, they must communicate with graffiti, notes, and the occasional game of telephone. Purple Monkey Dishwasher. They are plotting an escape, but a wrench has been thrown into their plans in the form of a handsome prison doctor, name of McCoy, and a new prisoner, former guard David Galloway, who is keeping an awful close eye on them for someone who doesn't work for Pike anymore...

Plot #2: Klingon Mindfuck
Things went really bad about 3/4 of the way through the movie, you guys. The trans-warp beaming equation was off, and Kirk and Scotty never made it back on the ship. Enterprise doesn't make it to Earth in time to save them, and the Fleet scatters to all corners of the galaxy. Enterprise is sent to the Klingons to beg for help. But when they get there, the Chancellor of the High Council appears to be a suspiciously familiar0looking human named Tiberius. How do they convince him and those he rules to help them destroy the Narada, and set things back to right?

Plot #3: Corporate Shenanigans
George Kirk founded the Enterprise Corporation with his wife, Winona, and all was going well. But the day his second son, James, was born, George mysteriously died. Maybe he was hit by a cab. Maybe it was poison in his ear. I don't know. Ever since, his best friend Chris Pike has been raising James to take his father's place. But today is not a normal day in the Federation Building. Today a ground of Romulan separatists have broken in and their leader, Nero, is hot for James' blood. How do his friends (guess who??) and he save the day? Find out! On STD!

OKAY, those are my ides. Now vote and leave me alone:
[Poll #1632799]
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You guys, we are creeping up on a momentous date.

On the 20th of June, 2009, a comment was made to the 5th part of the Kink meme.

It read as follows:
I wanna hold your haaaand--chekov/sulu
Dear diary,

Mr. Sulu has been acting wery strange lately. He keeps sitting closer and closer to me on the bridge. Yesterday he spent nearly 20 min with his hand just resting on my side of the console, "helping" me make adjustments or just tapping my hands with his fingers. It is wery distracting.

Does he not think I am able to do my job ? Maybe he prefers navigation and is trying to steal it from me.

Perhaps I should ask the other crew members for advice. I will keep you updated.

Yours, Pavel

Most of you know that, and followed the lulz that followed. Which, of course, took place, after 9 days on the kink meme, in this community.

We, my dearests, are coming up on a year in this comm.

Honestly- I get a little misty realizing this. The great people I've met here, the great times we've had, the shitty times, and the times we just got together and played. ST_D is my fandom home, and I love it.

So, I want to do something for our anniversary.

I am considering a host of things, from a fic-a-thon to an anniversary game, to um... well, that's all I've thought of. So, if you were me, what would you do for ST_D's first birthday? I'm open to all ideas.
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You honestly made my night. I have no idea what we're going to do with it, but from me, thank you.

Thank you as well to our readers, our players, and whoever else might be seeing this. I started STD not knowing what it would be. And this insanity that has spawned from it... it's intense.

I love the little community we have here. Our fanon, the way we've crept into the bigger fandom, all of it.

So, yes. I love you, STD. I love you, anonymous gifter. Thanks for making this the best little comm on LJ.


Jan. 19th, 2010 09:12 am
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So I posted this in my personal journal first. I tend to do that. Good think I'm pretty/

Some players on the recent post have been talking about having a STD-specific knkmeme.

I can see two positives here: 1)It would allow more people to play, esp. as I know some of you out there are shy or afraid of how fast we type or don't want to jump in.
2)You can finally admit your deep-seated need for Tony/Gaila/Khan watersports.

So, readers/lurkers, are you interested in this idea?
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Hey, STD'ers - HSAU check in:

Where do you guys want to pick up? I was thinking the Enterprise trip would be just after Prom, so if we picked up at Prom, we could do a little of the trip?

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Modly things!!

1) I floated the idea of a secret santa a while ago, but I'd like greater input. Based of exchanges I used to run for another comm, the idea would be this:
-I make a post. HELLO!
-You comment to the post (readers, players, etc.) and say "OOOH, I LOVE THESE THREE CHARACTERS/SHIPS! Also here is how to contact me!" - These would be screened so only I, OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL or whatever could see them.
-I whip out a random number generator and give you an assignment.
-You then have x amount of time to write/draw/create a fannish thing for your santee.
-Then you send it to me and I make a post all "HEY GUYZ LOOKIT!" and you go "ooooh" and "aaaah".
-I was thinking a late secret santa because I'm sure a lot of you are involved in other exchanges and a due date in January might make it easier to participate?

2) A reader in Kitty's last post asked for a round-up of events of the HSAUs. I tried to do this but got about 1/100th of the way through the first before going "HOLY FUCK THERE ARE NINE OF THESE!?!?" and killing myself. It got better. So. I would like a volunteer (or 9) who might be willing to just summarize the MAJOR events of each installment. If you want to remain anon, you can email me at laurendf at gmail. I am discreet and disease free.

3) Speaking of the HSAU: Our guys are very close to graduation right now. Here is the big question: Do we want to make this into a Starfleet Academy AU?
The other option would be ending and either starting a BRAND NEW HSAU! or a BRAND NEW SUPERGAME!

4) Hay readers, do you want a post of your own to talk to each other and go "OMG THEY DID WHUUUUUUUT? GURL, I NEVER THOUGHT THEY'D TURN MARLA INTO A FICUS WITH A BAD ATTITUDE!" or just squee over how cute Bones/Kirk and Chekov/Sulu and Giotto/McKenna are being?

5) There is no five. Go about your business.


Oct. 5th, 2009 11:37 am
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Hey, STDers!

So, I, your faithful and awesome NinjaMod, was galumphing through life and being really emo about having a sunburn IN FREAKING OCTOBER when what should occur but a message arrived in my inbox.

Last time this happened, it was from Captain Kirk himself, (well, [livejournal.com profile] captain_jtk_11, but close enough!) so I'm sure you can imagine I ran there as quickly as my internet legs would take me.

And oh, it was good I did!

Currently centered around [livejournal.com profile] newtrekslash, [livejournal.com profile] the_arc5 is putting together a STXI Musical experience. In her (? I'm sorry if you're not a her!) own words: "STD is clearly a massive creative community, and I think people might be interested. We need composers, vocalists, actors, lyricists, technical gurus, script writers, and general help."

You can find her original post here if you're interested. We're not currently affiliated with the project, but you guys are a bunch of crackheads and I thought some of you might like to play their game, if we ever gave you a break from the ongoing awesome here.

In other news, there is no other news, but I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR THE HSAU WEDDING YOU GUYS.
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Hello, my goslings.

We've gotten quite a few new members in the past few days, so I'd like to come out and say some things before the next game starts:


1) On characters:
-A lot of characters we tend to dredge up here are outside of the core 7/bridge crew. If you see a name you don't recognize, chances are they're on Memory Alpha in the TOS crew. The exception to this is our interpretation of McKenna as being some kind of kick-ass chick named Caroline.
-Just because someone has been made something in a game doesn't make it "canon." Hell, if the next game started and McKenna was a dude, Giotto was dead and Kirk was Klingon, that would just be a fun new adventure.
-Even though I know some people (myself included!) have special attachments to characters, we don't own them. Anyone can jump in. If there's something you want to do, do it. The worst that happens is it doesn't work.

2) On playing:
-If you want to express love for a particular post, DE-ANON and love on it. A username means that you're you, not a character. And love is cool.
-There are times when the comm is slow and times when it exits, pursued by bear. When we're warping along, you'll get doubleposts. I'm changing the way we deal with these! From now on, unless there are CLEARLY meant to be two posts in a row, you should ignore the second one. If that's unclear, ask me and I'll explain.
-We don't claim characters here, we just jump in. So don't be afraid to change the course a character is going!
-On that note, try not to snipe characters. If you need an explanation of that, ask.

3) On me:
-I'm a first time mod, and am probably doing things wrong. If you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I'm not scary or mean, and will gladly explain why things are happening the way they are.
-I know the captcha is annoying, but LJ doesn't seem to want to turn it all the way off. If any of you have a suggestion, please let me know.
-I'm moving this weekend and won't have internets at my new place until the 27th unless I can pirate from my neighbors. This means that I'll only have access at work, and won't be able to be quite so active as I have been. If anyone wants to volunteer to help out during this period, let me know. Things I need: keeping order in posts (IE, deleting doubleposts, paying attention to the game) posting alt.enterprise.gossip on Sunday/Monday, being awesome. I pay in rocket ship underoos, of course.

Finally, I love you all and your crack. Get to playing!
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First a modly note:
-When the comm is moving superfast, we're bound to get some double comments from time to time. I've had a few suggestions on how to handle this. Please keep the following things in mind:

*Double comments should be treated either as a character mistake or ignored. If you go wiht ignoring, to be fair, ignore the one that is second chronologically.

*Double comments can be deleted by me and the OP (unless I am the OP, at which point I hold ALL THE CARDS! WAHAHAHA!) if you make a comment you want deleted, let one of us know.

*You should also try refreshing stuff before you post, to keep it down to a minimum.

If you have other thoughts, please let me know. We'll work something out.

To reward you for reading, here is something I wrote for the kink meme:
This Once-Proud Vessel Has Become/A Floating Psycho Ward )

New alt.gossip will be up tomorrow morning. Hooray!
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Hey guys!
Sorry to mod at you, I'm still getting used to abusing having power.

I love the sheer amount of crack we're all churning out, but I finally got around to writing some rules, and though they're in the profile, I thought I'd let you guys know.

A few things above the cut:
-Tags! We have a "round robin" tag to indicate if you want people to join in. I love to read epistles as much as I like to play them, so I'd love to see people posting their favorite epistolary fics and such. If you're going to do this, be sure to tag it as "rec" or "just sharing" or something. These tags don't exist yet, but if you're not trying to start playing, let us know.
-There was a request to make the alt.gossip.enterprise a recurring thing, and I think it's a great idea; our own little weekly soap opera. (As the Warp Core Turns!) I should be putting up the post on Sunday night or Monday with a recap of the previous week.
-This is my mod icon, you should all love it.
-As always, if you have questions or comments or just want to tell me what kind of underwear you're wearing, leave a comment or PM me.

You should read these. )


Jun. 27th, 2009 10:46 pm
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Welcome to [livejournal.com profile] startrek_diary, the new comm for epistolary fic.

Post any questions, comments or suggestions here, and please don't feel shy.

All are welcome, come in and play.

Also, we don't have a layout or an icon because I suck at that stuff. Totally willing to take a co-mod who understands such things.
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