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Okay so here's the thing.

For the last month or so, maybe more, I don't know, I've been digging through our old games, looking for a specific conversation. I've been through the archives at least three times. I can't find it. I need help.

The conversation I'm looking for is the one where I finally admitting to being Miaanon from the beginning. I don't know why I'm so desperate to re-read through it. I just am. Can you guys help me out? I don't know what you can do that I can't, but as I said, I'm desperate.

Also, one of the reasons this has taken so long is that I keep getting bogged down with reading the games as I search through them. It's kinda got me wanting to play again. Anyone else interested in ST_D'ing some more? I'd suggest a specific game, but unless you guys are willing to play a Friendship is Magic AU, I can't think of anything.

Ignore that suggestion, I've no idea how it would actually work.

Thanks in advance for your help guys.
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Since no one else has done it...
Last time, on SFAAU:

1. Captain Pike's evil clone
2. The cat, Quin, and Suzy
3. Tony Giotto, fanboy
4. Nurse Ogawa, terror of the GP
5. Several relationship revelations
6. A missing spider
7. A very awkward proposal

Now, it's evening, the day Pike was rescued.  What are they going to do with the clone?
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Fandom: Startrek_diary's HSAU
Subject: Kirk/McCoy, during the breakup
Title: wasn't ready for a revolution
Warnings: Men with acoustic guitars.

Notes: I have been listening to Matt Hires obsessionally and it got me thinking. This is my first ever fanmix, so please feel free to offer concrit.

Tracklisting and Download under the cut )
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When we were last here, our kids were dealing with a few things:

-the aftermath of the earthquake and the capture of Sterling McGivers
-the ship in orbit around the Earth
-Matt's overseas amnesia
-probably something I'm forgetting
-a kittycat.

As we open, it's the day after we left. Pike is going up to that ship and Matt and frank and dealing and there is a kittycat apparently.

So get to it: Who's doing what at to whom?
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Title: Of Princesses, Squids, and Horses Named Ruxpin
Fandom: Star Trek STXI ST_D High School AU SFGP9
Characters/Pairings: Leslie/Lemli; Dave, Frank, Matt, Lieutenant Ruxpin (implied Frank/Matt)
Notes: I wrote this a while back during one of the games; the RL's were discussing being knights and this happened. I've finally got round to cleaning it up and posting it to the comm.
Summary: Once upon a time there was a magical kingdom called SFGP9, ruled by the heroic and dinky King Dave.


One day Princess Roger was kidnapped by an evil squid. )
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Fandom: Startrek_diary's HSAU
Title: Shiny New Starshine
Warnings: Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Camp Rock, JoBros, and MORE. (Say it isn't so!) I'm not even kidding you. Cover your ears and run for your lives.
Notes: This is a belated mix dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] startrek_diary's anniversary! [livejournal.com profile] startrek_diary is one year old now! I've met some remarkable people and had a jolly good time because of it. Here's a mix, spanning the entirety of the HSAU, from the very first EPIC BATTLE between Team Awesome and The Fighting Mongooses of Rigel Seven all the way up to their first semester at the Academy.



track list, alternate cover art, and download link under cut! )
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It is our heroes' first Spring break.

Where are they?


-Caz and Tony are at his cabin.
-Jim and Bones are in the basement of the Academy Clinic where the door has become stuck.
-Kiki and Pav are with Kiki's family.
-Chrissie and Spock are at home.
-Pike and One are mid coitus. (when are they not?)
-Dave and Mia are in NJ
-Frankie and Matt are in Prague
-RLs are on duty- one at the station and one on patrol.
-Nyota and Jan are bowling.

And, as it turns out, a young man named Sterling McGivers is not happy. His sister, a young woman named Marla, was kidnapped a year and a half ago by the Bratva, under command of Andrei Chekov.

Sterling wants revenge.

He's fallen into bed with the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia, and has already tried one aborted plan to get at the gang. He's tried hacking into GP records a few times, but failed. He tried to target Pavel's sister, Christine, with a rogue robot, but it didn't go off.

He's got a better plan.

At 1400 on a Saturday, comm satellites will go down around the planet. At that exact moment, an earthquake will rock San Francisco. People will be trapped where they are, unable to communicate outside their immediate area. No one can talk to anyone not within about 20 feet of them.

As we open, it's 1359.

And the world is about to move.
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Apparently this is an exciting game. So. Keep playing!

-Everyone went to EA.
-Suzy died.
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Tra la-la-la-la la-la-la-la
Happy birthday S-T-Deeeeee
Tra la-la-la-la la-la-la-la
Happy birthday S-T-DEEEEEEE!

So, ladies and gentlemen. AND WE DON'T GOT NO BOOOOOOOYSS HERE!

You are cordially invited to attend the event of the decade. EA'S HELL CLASS: THE 20 YEAR REUNION.

Our kids are between 37 and 39, off exploring the galaxy and being Big Damn Heroes. Some have had kids. Some are not where they thought they'd be.

We'll pick up a few hours before the even begins, so we can get some butterflies and nerves.

Lets do this sucker.
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It's Sunday, midday.

Caz and Jim are just coming back from their walkabout, and have not yet been arrested.
Roger and the RLs are still working with Soong on the robot situation.
Gaila and Chrissy are still working on Bones.

Finals start tomorrow.

Probably some other stuff is going on.

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It's time for something... light. Something... refreshing.

For the past year, Roger Korby and Andrea Sherrison have been building an android, Norm. And Norm has been, true to his name... normal.

But things are starting to go wrong. Andrea has been moved into the empty bed in Caz and Jan's room (oh, did I not mention that? WELL. It's there. Not a convenient plot device at all) and when Roger's rommmate dropped out, he and McCoy decided to move in together.

Now they're both starting to act weird. Of course, no one is normal, it's SFA and it's finals. But there's something seriously wrong, and our heroes are going to have to find out what.

Did I mention that the top four students in each class get to go on a special training exercise? Well, they do. And competition is hot.
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This morning, Number One Pike woke to the following message on her PADD:

I know, I know, I know, I'm supposed to wake you so you don't wake up cold and alone. You can pout at me all you want when you wake up. But it was early and you look so peaceful and after how upset you were last night I couldn't bring myself to. Just because I have to be up early to make sure my classes are taken care of doesn't mean you should be too. I'll make it up to you later. Promise.

See you tonight. I'll say hi to Cait for you. Take care of yourself.


(At least I left a note this time. See? I'm getting the hang of this.)

Except, things have gone horribly, horribly wrong.

(A continuation of this game.)
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Welcome back, romans and countrymen, to the Mirror!Universe of our HSAU.

So. Let's go back and visit out evil friends.

It's been a year since last we stopped over.

How is Scotty's Zombie project going?

How are Caroline and Suzy doing with Pike?

What are Gaila and Tony up to?

Find out inside. Or should I say... SINside?
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Right, SO. It has been a harrowing three months for our guys. There've been ENTRANCE EXAMS and trying to make living arrangements and trying to keep up with each other even though ultimately a lot of them are going their seperate ways and STRESS (zzzz) and now... it is September. Today is the last day of Starfleet Academy's orientation week, and classes start tomorrow.

The new freshman are anxious to get started. The suspense hangs in the air.

And nearby, at HQ, Pike is cross. Why is he cross? Because Starfleet wants to do a thorough investigation into the time travel that occured several months ago on the Enterprise. This will take a while and they've delayed the launch (again...) indefinitely.

Poor Pike.

So, without further ado, the first part of the SHINY NEW Starfleet Academy AU.

(ALSO, rooming arrangements!


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Methinks we need an updated cast list.  Contribute data and offer updates, please!

[livejournal.com profile] bubbles_san [US Eastern = GMT -5]
Tony Giotto
Gary Mitchell
Joe Tormolen
Number One
Rees Latimer
John Kyle
Lucy Giotto
Roger Korby
*and, as needed*
Jay Singh

[livejournal.com profile] emmypenny [US Central = GMT -6]
[Data Error] Spock
Nyota Uhura
Andrea Sherrison

[livejournal.com profile] hsavinien [Canadian Pacific = GMT -8]
Ricky Ensyne
Janice Rand
Raj/Khan Singh
Montgomery Scott
Jim Kirk

Pavel Chekov

[livejournal.com profile] _samalander
Caroline McKenna
Kevin Riley
Jonathon Archer
*as needed*
Dave Galloway

[livejournal.com profile] theoreticalpixy [US Central = GMT -6]
Christopher Pike
Leonard 'Bones' McCoy
Christine Chapel

[livejournal.com profile] kinkme [GMT]
Vincent DeSalle
Matthew Osborne


Hikaru Sulu
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Our EA kids were in space. Then they were in the past. Except some of them went to the future. And Pavel didn't go anywhere. He stayed behind and did maths. Or math, depends on who you ask.

It has been a tense-ass week since last we saw our heroes. There's a technobabble reason why, but the kids JUST rematerialized on the ship. So. What's going on in this crazy place?

The ship will be docking back home in two days. And they'll be back just in time for graduation.

So, without further ado, the thrilling conclusion for our three-part time travel spectacular!
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The Sex Will Have to Wait
A st_d HSAU fanmix v. 2.0


Fandom: [livejournal.com profile] startrek_diary
Subject: HSAU
Title: The Sex Will Have to Wait, A st_d HSAU fanmix v. 2.0
Warnings: Crack, fluff, gratuitous covers, and High School Musical



Free Burritos Under Cut (not really) )


.zip @ rapidshare

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Fic: Five Times Mia Colt Told Number One News About Pike, and One Time Number One Told Mia Instead
Author: [livejournal.com profile] bubbles_san
Fandom: ST_D HSMAU
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, if that
Characters/Pairings: Number One/Mia Colt; Number One/Chris Pike
Note: This fic is an unintentional companion to Pixy's Pike/Number One five times (unintentional in that we didn't mean them to fit together), which can be found here.

1. "That cutie from Temporal Mechanics is going to be serving with us."

It starts right out of the Academy, and goes from there. )


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