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Okay so here's the thing.

For the last month or so, maybe more, I don't know, I've been digging through our old games, looking for a specific conversation. I've been through the archives at least three times. I can't find it. I need help.

The conversation I'm looking for is the one where I finally admitting to being Miaanon from the beginning. I don't know why I'm so desperate to re-read through it. I just am. Can you guys help me out? I don't know what you can do that I can't, but as I said, I'm desperate.

Also, one of the reasons this has taken so long is that I keep getting bogged down with reading the games as I search through them. It's kinda got me wanting to play again. Anyone else interested in ST_D'ing some more? I'd suggest a specific game, but unless you guys are willing to play a Friendship is Magic AU, I can't think of anything.

Ignore that suggestion, I've no idea how it would actually work.

Thanks in advance for your help guys.

Date: 2012-02-18 05:28 am (UTC)
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Hrmmmm, no idea, I'm afraid. I'd be up for another game, especially during March, as my lady will be away for the month (thus more free time not occupied with another person). I would vote for not MLP though, as I know very little about them as yet.


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