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Name:Pavel Chekov Wears Rocketship Underoos
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We are a group of Star Trek fans who started writing a large, crack-tastic fic at st_xi_kink on this thread.

This comm is for epistolary fic; stories told in documents. Feel free to start a round-robin game, post your own, or make wonderful graphics from the old ones.


Interested in affiliating? Drop a comment here or PM _samalander!

1. Anyone can join, anyone can participate. Play nice. Nasty, rude or offensive comments will be deleted and might lead to IP logging so I can kick your ass out. The definitions of nasty, rude and offensive are at _samalander's discretion.
1a. PLEASE BE AWARE that this is sometimes going to be an X-rated comm. If you're offended by sex, talking about sex, joking about sex, sex toys, gay people or any other sundry thing people get all uptight about, you might not want to join.

2. When playing in a story, anonymity is preferred. If you need help doing that, ask.

3. When/if something makes you giggle so hard you snort and you just HAVE to tell the person, please post your comment as you. Being signed in indicates that you are not part of the story, and people can skip the comment if they want to.

4. If you want to complain, please do so in email or PM _samalander. I will do my very best to address complaints as they come in. I will also address compliments, bribes and fawning declarations of love.

5. Suggestions and questions are very, very welcome. Leave me a comment here and I'll do my best to respond to it in a timely manner.

6. Have a favorite epistle you want to share? Want help writing one? Well, jump in! If you're posting a fic, please put it behind a cut.

7.(Added 9/24/10) Please do not discuss the acquiring of pirated media in the comm. Doing so will result in a warning fo0r first offense, and a one-week ban for continued infraction.

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