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From the Sec'y of the Admiralty, His Lordship Admiral Richard Barnett,
In the service of Her Imperial Majesty, Majella Augusta II, Regina Albion and Its Colonies and Protectorates, the Year Imperial 2258.

To Captain Christopher Pike of Her Majesty's Star Ship Enterprise.

You are requested and required to assemble your officers and repair to the shipyards of Riverside, Iowa, the British States of America.  Report there to your ship and proceed with all due speed to the Vulcanian System, there to offer aid and comfort to the allies of the Crown.  They have reported unexpected natural disturbances and it is the duty of all officers of the Admiralty to give assistance.  The appropriate intelligence is appended to these orders in a sealed missive not to be opened until HMSS Enterprise is en route to the Vulcanian System.

Admiral Ric. Barnett


In a second note, attached:

 You have been chosen for this based partly on your own merit and partly on that of your mixed-blood second.  Despite the secrecy, this should not unduly tax your officers, else we would not have such green ensigns within starleagues of such important allies.  I need not say that showing themselves well here can only improve their prospects.  Your radical proposals do your officers as much mischief as they do yourself and I am loath to see such as your translator or that young Hussar damaged by political manoeuverings.  Why you must choose the most embarrassing moments of recent Imperial history to champion, I can make no guess, but I advise you this as a friend.  That madman Kodoss is dead and neither the Crown nor Parliament will thank you for bringing the incident up again.
Behave for the politicals, impress the Vulcanians with Imperial grace and humanitarian ideals, and leave such matters to the social carers.

Yrs. Sincerely,
Ric. Barnett

post script.  I understand that ward of yours is showing himself the rake again.  His mother is a fine officer and his brother a respected voice at the Scientific Academy, but unless young Jas mends his ways, I do not doubt some more talented officer will be seeing him to the surgeon or the undertaker on the blade of a sword or blast of a phase pistol after a duel.


Our Heroes:

-On the Enterprise

Christopher Pike, Captain of HMSS Enterprise
Lord Schn-t'gai Spock, Commander of same, son of the Lady Amanda Grayson of Australia & His Lordship Sarek of Vulcan
(Medical) Lieutenant Commander Leonard McCoy, Doctor and surgeon
Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, pilot
Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, diplomatic aide and translator
Lieutenant Gaila Freewoman, mechanical engineer
(Medical) Lieutenant Christine Chapel, Nurse and surgeon
Ensign Pavel Andreievich Chekov, officer of the Rossiyskaya Federatsiya, an Imperial ally nation, on military tactical knowledge exchange
Ensign Caroline McKenna, relief pilot
Midshipwoman Janice Rand, Captain's aide
Midshipman James Kirk, tactical aide, ward of Xpr Pike


Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott, currently in disgrace with the former Secretary of the Admiralty, Jon. Archer.  Assigned to Delta Vega, a moon in the Vulcanian System, monitoring geothermal radiation
An Unknown Officer, lost in Time and Space.


So...proper diction and manners, no PADDs, steampunk uniforms, and early pulp sci-fi tropes!  Let us commence!

ETA: Ideas - Letters, telegrams, on-ship message tubes, mechanical carrier pigeons/monkeys/miniature winged horses...
Links for inspiration:
What is steampunk?
Steampunk examples
Steampunk people
Steampunk chic
Steampunk military
Steampunk ships
Steampunk Enterprise?
Steampunk Chekov and Sulu
Steampunk Uhura

Name abbreviations
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