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I think we need a game. Because who actually works when they're at work anyway?

Therefore, I am pleased to inform all of you that you have been accepted to study at the
Enterprise High School of the Visual and Performing Arts.

It's April 5th and the Class of 2012 is looking forward to graduation. Now it's crunch time with finals, prom, and college admissions*. Senior year means BIG THINGS for our students. The annual Senior Showcase is going to happen on May 1st. And with just under a month until the big showcase, the faculty has announced that the student with the best artistic thingy will get a full ride scholarship to the Big Name Artsy College. Now the pressure is on to be the very best like no one ever was and the competition has pitted friend against friend (or has it?).

But with our students having to juggle their regular academic classes with their more specialized courses AND a social life, it's almost like a certain someone has combined the best of Fame and High School Musical: Senior Year. Clearly this means great things for plot our cast.

Suggestions for specialties for the students:
James Kirk: theatre
Leonard McCoy: harp (doctors are good with their hands, harpists are good with their hands IDK JUST GO WITH IT)
Nyota Uhura: voice
Janice Rand: art
Christine Chapel: dance
Montgomery Scott: film
Pavel Chekov: dance
Hikaru Sulu: theatre
Shawn Spock: art**
Gaila Orion: film

So who's overly emotional about their craft? Who creates an extraordinarily eccentric performance piece that leaves everyone else feeling vaguely uncomfortable even though they didn't understand it? Who angsts about no one TRULY UNDERSTANDING THEM? What other artistic stereotypes and high school cliches can we squeeze into this game before it dies? Who drops out? Who turns down an art school to go to a "real" college? MORE IMPORTANTLY: WHO IS DATING WHOM?

So sit down, grab a character and type up their texts, compose their emails, and pass their notes in the middle of class, because

it's high school muuuuuu-siiiiii-caaaaaaaaaaal high school never ends they're gonna live forever, they're gonna learn how to fly high--FAME! it's gonna be totally awesome friendship dies and true love lies

Oh screw it--READY, STEADY, GO!

* do not ask me why they are JUST NOW applying for colleges and auditioning and getting their acceptance letters okay it is ~MAGICAL MOVIE SCHOOL TIMING~ OKAY JUST GO WITH IT.
** I cannot be the only one who thinks "S'chn T'gai" visually resembles "Shawn the Guy," can I? Can I? BUELLER?
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